It is amazing how things evolve over time. Whether it is primates or products, evolution continues to improve the species. Do you remember how you felt when you saw your first brass photo-etch doors from White Ensign Models? I do! I was amazed at how parts so small could have such detail and how they would greatly improve the detail on my models. That was at the turn of the millennium and now we are seven years into the 21st century. WEM photo-etch doors have evolved over those short few years from the one sided doors without sills to the examples shown on this fret. In automotive terms the early WEM doors may have been a Ford Model T, a wonderful vehicle for its time, popular, inexpensive, but one that greatly expanded the base of automobile owners. This present set is like a brand new Bentley, sleek, glamorous, beautiful, but without the expense. Henry Ford said that you could buy his Model T in any color as long as it was black. Early photo-etch doors came only one or two patterns. Now look at this 1:350 scale USN Doors and Hatches set. There are twenty-one different doors or hatches designs included in this product, with options to pose tour doors and hatches open or closed. A world of options has been unveiled for the modeler. With this detail and variety, White Ensign Models has again set the bar and jumped a march on evolution. 

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