Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! Nothing like it. I know that you New Yorkers will lay claim for the best pizza in the world but for my money it is a Pizza Uno from the Windy City. When they say Deep, they mean deep, and filled with delicious toppings. Well,  Pietro Hall, master chef of White Ensign Models, has created his own deep dish in brass photo-etch. Taking the prosaic floater net basket, Pietro has whipped up a delicious mixture of ingredients. WEM PE 778 USN Floater Net Baskets provides three types of floater net baskets. For the antipasto there are forty small baskets and this just warms you up for the second course, fifty medium size baskets. Of course the entree consists of fourteen deep large baskets. There is no telling how many scale Pizza Uno's you can pack into one of those babies. In any event, floater net baskets were almost universal by mid-war and if your 1:700 scale USN WW2 model is missing them, then you might as well eat watercress in one of those fern laced restaurants.

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