USS New Orleans (CA-32) was laid down March 14 1931 by the New York Navy Yard; and commissioned February 15, 1934. In 1935 she joined Cruiser Division 6 in operations in the eastern Pacific for over a year. She served out of California ports until joining the Hawaiian Detachment, October 12, 1939 for exercises, training, and as war drew close, vigilant patrol. Present at Pearl Harbor during the attack December 7, 1941. With power lines from the docks cut, she operated her 5' 25 AA guns manually. A number of her crew were injured when a fragmentation bomb exploded close aboard, It was here when her chaplain spoke the famous words, "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!" The New Orleans later participated in The Battle of Coral Sea, The Battle of Midway, the invasion of The Solomon Islands, The Battle of the Eastern Solomons, The Battle of Tassafaronga in which her bow was severed between the #1 and #2 turrets by a Japanese torpedo. The bow swung around and punching several holes in the length of the hull and damaging a propeller before sinking. Now slowed to 2 knots , and blazing forward, the ship fought for survival, missing a quarter of her length. Individual acts of heroism and self-sacrifice along with skillful seamanship kept her afloat. The crew later reinforced the bulkheads with cocoa logs before heading to Australia for temporary repairs then back home where she'd be under repair for the next 9 months. After a new bow was fitted and all battle damage repaired she made bombardments on Wake, The Gilberts, The Marshalls, Raids on Truk and Carolines, supported landings on New Guinea, raids on Satawan, bombardments on Siapan, bombardments on Tinian, Bonins, Iwo Jima, Palaus, Okinawa, Formosa and the Northern Luzon. She was at the Battle of Leyte Gulf. She earned 17 Battle Stars for her efforts in WWII, however is usually only given credit for 16.

This is my build of the Waveline 1:700 scale model of this great cruiser.

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David Hlusak