The Elster was one of the Schichau built boats of the so called "Sperber". She belonged to the last batch carrying a torpedo tube on the stern deck and only one instead of two tubes in the bow. These boats were laid down between December 1885 and June 1891. Three different shipyards , Schichau, Stabilimenteo Technico Triestino, and the Naval Arsenal Pola built a total of 22 boats in slightly modified designs. Almost all of the boats have different masts. The biggest change was in 1906 when most of the boats received Yarrow water tube boilers and a second funnel. Most of the boats served until the end of the war (1918) some even longer in other Navies. The ships were of 39.88m overall length with a beam of 4.80m. Their design displacement was 78 tons with a full load displacement of 83 tons. Powered by a 3 piston steam engine producing in excess of 950-1000 shp, driving one shaft. They were able to achieve speeds of up to 22.8 knots. Their Armament was of two 37 mm L/23 guns. But their main offensive capability came from two 35 cm torpedo tubes, one mounted in the bow and one moveable tube mounted on the stern deck.

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The Kit.
The hull comes in one part. There are several small parts like the cabine, the funnel, ventilators and others. All these parts are made of fine yellow coloured resin.
Siderails and other small parts are provided from two frets with photo-etched parts. The mast is manufactured from CNC turned brass. The kit comes in a cardboard box with a colour print. The instructions are contained in a A4 size leaflet. First there are pictures indicating all parts of the kit. Following a few safety instructions in English and Austrian. Assembly is illustrated by a series of assembly diagrams. The instructions are completed by coloured photos of the finished model.

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Peter Plattner
Wiener Modellbau Manufactur