Here is a unique item found only through Wiener Modellbau Manufactur. When it comes to installing railing on your latest 1:350 scale K.u.K. Kriegsmarine warship, there is no need to wire the Schloß Schönbrunn. The solution is simply an e-mail to the ancient Imperial and Royal capital of Vienna to Wiener Modellbau Manufactur. WMM might as affix the crest of the Habsburgs to their line of 1:350 scale kits and accessories of the ships of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as I can't recall any other manufacturer producing K.u.K. items in this large scale. This relief-etched brass fret includes only two items, railing and anchor chain. There are eight run of two bar railing. The label specifies three bar railing but that would include a rail flush with a scupper. There is a distinctive separation line between this lowest rung and the scupper. There runs of relief-etched anchor chain are included. Now it is not fully three dimensional but presents an accurate appearance as opposed to standard commercial 3D anchor chain. If you ever look at anchor cable, you will notice that the links alternate between lying flat or standing on edge. The relief-etching simulates this with a raised surface for the on-end links.

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