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Flower Class Corvettes
World War Two

John Lambert

Reviewed by Rob Mackie

WR Press's latest offering, Flower Class Corvettes of World War Two by John Lambert, is the best of the Warship Perspectives series thus far. Its strength lies in  John Lambert's many drawings, plans and scrap views, which are supplemented by the author's highly informative comments. I particularly liked his rigging plans and bridge drawings, whose keyed explanatory notes enabled me to understand the function of many detail bits whose purpose had heretofore eluded me. The 96 page softcover volume also includes a set of foldout plans (HMS Anemone plan/profile, hull lines and rigging) reproduced in 1:108 scale. Alan Raven contributed camo schemes for 23 corvettes. They are reproduced in grey scale, so you'll need your color chips.

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Line drawing of bridge details
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HMS Spirea Camo scheme

Photo reproduction has improved over that of the earlier Fletcher and Atlanta class volumes from WR Press. Some photos in these earlier books were so poorly reproduced as to be useless. The 56 photos in this volume, most of which I've not seen elsewhere, are a definite improvement. They are all useable, and WR Press has wisely chosen to reproduce some in a large, one-to-a-page format. Nevertheless, a number of them are a bit dark and lacking in contrast.

WRFlowerSnowberry.jpg (68795 bytes)
Quarterdeck detail
HMCS Snowberry
WRFlowerVilledeQuebecbridge.jpg (65774 bytes)
Bridge detail
HMCS Ville de Quebec

That said, this book is a must buy for the Corvette modeler, both those of average skill and serious scratchbuilder/super detailers. The book is packed with useful visual information. The drawings and plans alone make it worth the price, and John Lambert presents them in such a way that they are both accessible and informative. Highly Recommended

Softcover 12"w x 9"h
96 Pages
6 pages text
52 b&w photos
Listing of RN and RCN corvettes, hull number, commission date: 6 pages
|1 fold-out plan sheet showing HMS Anemone, July '42
(1:108 scale plan & profile view, hull lines & sections, rigging)
23 camo schemes (drawn by A. Raven)
11 pages of weapons drawings
Funnel emblems: 3 pages
Buttock lines: 1 page
Hull lines, sections and plating: 2 pages
Shell expansion (hull plating) long forecastle: 2 pages
Shell expansion, short forecastle: 2 pages
Corvette bridge types: 5 pages
20" searchlight projector: 1 page
Radar and radar lanterns: 1 page
Steam minesweeping winch: 1 page
Mine clearing equipment, ships boat, skylight details: 3 pages
Liferaft, Carley float, and stowage equipment: 2 pages
HMS Alisma:11 pages of plan/profile and general arrangement plans
HMCS Forest Hill (modified Flower Class): 5 pages of plan/profile and GA drawings
HMCS Wetaskiwin (early Canadian built Flower): 3 pages
Depth charge arrangement plans HMS Potentilla: 1 page
HMS Nasturtium (Sept '40) profile drawing and deck levels: 2 pages
HMS Genista rigging plan: 2 pages

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