SMS Bayern in 1:700 scale from WSW - This was resin kit built with the aid of numerous books and photos about the class as well as some photos of a large-scale model that I photographed at the Dortmund model show some years ago. Masts, platforms and boat davits were replaced with scratch-built items.

SMS Bayern
Bayern bow comp[1]a.jpg (126139 bytes) Bayern midships comp[1]a.jpg (135605 bytes) Bayern stern comp[1]a.jpg (116287 bytes)

Under platform braces were added from sprue and brass scrap, which was drilled! Canvas dodgers were made of white glue applied to pre-painted photo-etched railings. The white glue dries clear so you then paint the railings from the outside to allow the painted railings to be visible inside. Torpedo nets are WSW supplied elastic cord with scratch-built torpedo net booms and all rigging from sprue. It took a little while to build!

SMS Derfflinger
Derfflinger Bow comp[1]a.jpg (90282 bytes) Derfflinger Midships comp[1]a.jpg (140743 bytes) Derfflinger stern comp[1]a.jpg (125774 bytes)

SMS Derfflinger in 1:700 scale, also from WSW This resin kit was built in same manner as above. Boat crane booms are scratch-built in sections, with very small pieces of scrap photo-etched brass with spacers. I do have a life, really!!!

Jim Baumann