Since there have been a series of questions concerning the Yankee Modelworks forthcoming release of the Japanese heavy cruiser Tone in 1:350 scale, Mike Bishop, who built the master for the kit, thought that it would beneficial for modelers to have an early sneak peek at the kit. These photographs show the master used as the pattern for the kit.  Photographs of the production copy will be shown when released. In the meantime, you can judge the quality of the upcoming kit for yourself from these photos.

MBDToneDF.JPG (91870 bytes) MDBToneFore2.JPG (125748 bytes) MDBToneMid.JPG (169504 bytes) MDBToneMid2.JPG (125355 bytes)
MDBToneMid3.JPG (142159 bytes) MDBToneACDeck.JPG (179881 bytes) MDBToneFore.JPG (119088 bytes) MDBToneBarb.JPG (144186 bytes)
MDBToneSupBase.JPG (137335 bytes) MDBTonepaq.JPG (126825 bytes) MDBTone stack.JPG (98372 bytes) MDBstack1.JPG (137054 bytes) MDBTonesup.JPG (156513 bytes)