I chose to discard the rails on my kit and used a mixture of WEM and GMM railings as replacement; the remainder of the PE being first class in design and concept. The cage aerials were particularly tricky and were the result of much swearing and cross-eyed work....

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I made the Ensign myself using a single piece of paper which I masked off and coloured in with Caran d'Ache artists coloured pencils; I then taped the flag to a window and masked the other side with the light shining through and repeated the colouring process. To prevent smears I used hairspray (NOT MINE!) as a fixative, cut out and crinkled the flag. 

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I cannot recommend this kit highly enough. It builds up out of the box beautifully, with excellent parts fit and simply excellent instructions in a handy bound booklet form. I hope the photos give an insight into this excellent kit of an elegant and successful cruiser, which has been preserved in Greece to the present day. 

Jim Baumann