The philosophy for YS Master Pieces is simple: everything produced must be of such high quality and detail that I would want to purchase the item, myself. Initially the models produced will represent the warships of the late 19th and early 20th century. I love the shape of the ships of that era because of their complex appearance and their many curves. 

Only the finest materials are used and I strive to insure that every component and part that goes into a YS Master Pieces model warship is of the highest level of craftsmanship possible. All components are produced here in Hellas (Greece), except for the Photo-Etch etching process and boxes, which are from the United Kingdom.

                                                                              Yiannis Sagiadinos
                                                                              YS Master Pieces

YS Master Pieces Model Dealers
The model warships produced by YS Master Pieces can be purchased from the following vendors, which have world wide service.

Commander's Models
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NNT Modell & Buch Versand
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Pacific Front Hobbies
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White Ensign Models
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YS Master Pieces Models
Are Available In

1:350 Scale

1:700 Scale

YS Master Pieces Models

1:350 Scale

1. Georgios Averoff, Greek Armored Cruiser, 1912

2. USS Oregon, BB-3, USN Battleship, 1898

If you have built an YS Master Pieces model and would like to have your model shown on the this web page, please send photos to: (


USS Oregon, BB-3
YS Master Pieces Kit in 1:350 Scale

YS Master Pieces newest 1:350 resin kit is the USS Oregon. This one piece full hull model portrays the ship as she appeared during the Spanish-American War of 1898. The third of the three ship Indiana Class, Oregon and her sisters Indiana, BB-1 and Massachusetts, BB-2 were the first modern USN battleships designed to equal the fighting power of contemporary European designs. Their armament of four 13 inch and eight 8 inch guns were as powerful as any European design and her armor belt of 18 inch Harvey-nickel steel, running 2/3ds the length of the ship was also comparable to her European contemporaries. The weakness of the class was their low freeboard, small coal capacity which limited their endurance and only moderate speed. Even so, Oregon, the first battleship built on the Pacific coast at Union Iron Works in San Francisco, California, earned fame during the war for her 14,000 dash around Cape Horn to join the Atlantic Squadron blockading the Spanish squadron at Santiago, Cuba.  During the Battle of Santiago, she outraced the other battleships in chasing down Cervera's doomed squadron.

Hull Casting
Oregon2396proup.JPG (38973 bytes) Oregon2402case.JPG (40041 bytes) Oregon2398plan.JPG (49080 bytes)
Oregon2397bow.JPG (47088 bytes) Oregon2401ram.JPG (38709 bytes) Oregon2400mid.JPG (41738 bytes) Oregon2403stern.JPG (48688 bytes)

Superstructure, Armament and Fittings
Oregon2409flybri.JPG (85271 bytes) Oregon2412stacks.JPG (96940 bytes) Oregon2408main&sec.JPG (107878 bytes)
Oregon2411boats.JPG (134679 bytes) Oregon2413fittings.JPG (170060 bytes) Oregon2414Props.JPG (176214 bytes) Oregon2415deckguns.JPG (137152 bytes)

Box, Photo-Etch and Instructions
Oregon2365box.JPG (48983 bytes) Oregon2373PEgroup.JPG (61052 bytes) Oregon2372color.JPG (31449 bytes)
Oregon2369instcover.JPG (32420 bytes) Oregon2370inst1.JPG (67579 bytes) Oregon2371inst2.JPG (73902 bytes)

Photo-Etch Detail
Oregon2375fret1.JPG (120346 bytes) Oregon2376PE2.JPG (115433 bytes) Oregon2558PEdetail.JPG (79991 bytes)
Oregon2554PEdetail.JPG (78376 bytes) Oregon2552PEdetail.JPG (61871 bytes) Oregon2555PEdetail.JPG (72847 bytes) Oregon2566PEshield.JPG (74413 bytes)


Bob Santos' Oregon
Diorama and Review of the YS Master Pieces kit
(Click on Photograph)







logo.gif (7749 bytes)
Hellenic Navy Armoured Cruiser

YS Master Pieces
1:350 Scale
Full Hull Model

Georgios Averoff is an Italian Pisa Class Armored Cruiser, was purchased in October 1909 with funds left to the Greek Navy for warship purchases by the Greek millionaire G.Averoff. The cruiser was named after the navy's benefactor. She was the flagship of the Greek Fleet during the Balkan Wars 1912-1913. The fleet under the command of Rear Admiral Paul Kondouriotis, successfully stopped the Turkish Navy from issuing from the Dardanelles and helped the army seize territory. On January 18, 1913 Averoff engaged the Turkish cruiser Medjidieh, four armored ships and 13 torpedo craft. Averoff met the Turkish squadron 12 miles from Lemnos and after two hours of gunnery exchange, the Turks retired. Averoff was refitted 1925-1927. On April 25, 1941 she escaped to Alexandria as Greece was invaded by the German Army. During the war she was a convoy escort in the Indian Ocean. The armored cruiser, Georgios Averoff is still in existence as a memorial at Poros Island, 40 miles south of Athens. (Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1906-1921)

The YS Master Pieces model of G. Averoff reflects her appearance during the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913.

Vital Statistics

Displacement: 9,958 tons normal; Dimensions: Length- 462 ft oa, 426 ft pp; Beam- 69 ft; Draught- 24 ft 8 in: Complement: 670

Armament: four 9.2 inch/45 cal (234mm)(2x2); eight 7.5 inch/45 cal (190mm)(4x2); sixteen 3 inch (76mm); two 47mm; three 18 inch (457mm) torpedo tubes

Armor: Belt- 8 inch -3.3 inch (203m-83mm); Deck- 2 inch (50mm); Turrets- 8 inch (203mm); Conning Tower- 7 inch (178mm)

Machinery: 2 shaft VTE, 22 Belleville boilers, 19,000 ihp; Speed: 22.5 kts Range: 7125 nm @ 10 kts; Coal: 660/1500 tons


Hull Casting
dscn0817.jpg (51221 bytes) dscn0816.jpg (49988 bytes) dscn0808.jpg (66149 bytes) dscn0813.jpg (69829 bytes)
dscn0809.jpg (29257 bytes) dscn0810.jpg (63505 bytes) dscn0814.jpg (42867 bytes) dscn0815.jpg (38896 bytes)

Hull Casting Detail
Averoff2427plan.JPG (32587 bytes) Averoff2422mid.JPG (41810 bytes) Averoff2421rearsup.JPG (38563 bytes) Averoff2423foresup.JPG (42341 bytes)
Averoff2425forecastle.JPG (47425 bytes) Averoff2426stern.JPG (43350 bytes) Averoff2418ram.JPG (26418 bytes) Averoff2424midup.JPG (54599 bytes)


inst01.jpg (82607 bytes) inst02.jpg (75333 bytes) inst03.jpg (66339 bytes) inst04.jpg (69604 bytes)
inst05.jpg (72316 bytes) inst06.jpg (72778 bytes) inst07.jpg (48387 bytes) AveroffLineProfilePlan.jpg (74542 bytes)


Averoff2435art.JPG (74126 bytes)
Artwork by Stamatis Anthis
Averoff2434PEenvelope.JPG (60149 bytes)

PE Envelope Artwork

Averoff2436box.JPG (39423 bytes)
Box Cover
Averoff2431color.JPG (52881 bytes)
Color P&P
Averoff2430instcover.JPG (20170 bytes)
Signed Instructions Binder


Smaller Resin Parts & Photo-etched Brass
AnchorsScrewsShafts.jpg (26937 bytes)
Anchors, screws, shafts
boats.jpg (49259 bytes)
Conningtower.jpg (28498 bytes)
Conning tower
FunnelsMasts.jpg (45096 bytes)
Funnels & masts
gunturrets.jpg (44707 bytes)
Guns & Turrets
SearchlightsVentsGuns.jpg (59257 bytes)
Searchlights, vents, small guns
Averoff2439fret1.JPG (176876 bytes)
Photo-etched brass
Fret #1
Averoff2440PEfret2.JPG (133049 bytes)
Photo-etched brass
Fret #2


Photo-Etched Brass Details
Averoff2562PEdetail.JPG (90089 bytes) AQveroff2568PEdetail.JPG (94430 bytes) Averoff2564PEdetail.JPG (105734 bytes) Averoff2572PEdetail.JPG (70709 bytes)


Armored Cruiser, G. Averoff in 1973 and Today
As can be seen from the photos by 1973 the Averoff was in need of repairs. Such repairs were undertaken and today this unique cruiser has been restored and has proudly flown the flag of Greece for over 90 years..
Averoff2442photo73.JPG (60879 bytes) Averoff2444photo73.JPG (52517 bytes) Averoff2443photo73.JPG (51876 bytes) averoff1.jpg (49655 bytes) averoff2.jpg (36167 bytes)


Quintin Trammell's Averoff
Click on photograph


Yiannis Sagiadinos' Averoff
Click on photograph


Walkaround Photo Tour by LCDR Charles Landrum, USN
Click on photograph to see 30 photos of Averoff taken in 1986 and 1994.



Averoff on the Internet

HNSA Crest

Historic Naval Ships Association
This site provides a short review of the cruiser's history and current status. The two photos to the right above, came from this site. Click on the crest to see the site.



YS Master Pieces Models

1:700 Scale

1. Georgios Averoff, Greek Armored Cruiser, 1912

If you have built an YS Master Pieces model and would like to have your model shown on the this web page, please send photos to: (


As modelers started seeing and building the beautiful 1:350 scale kits from YS Master Pieces, some asked, "When will there be a YS Master Pieces kit in 1:700 scale?" Now there is one, the Georgios Averoff, Greek Armored Cruiser, was the first 1:350 release from YS Master Pieces and now it is their first release in 1:700. The kit is different from most 1:700 models, in that it is available in two versions. You must decide if you want to build the traditional 1:700 waterline version or the one piece full hull version. One piece full hull 1:700 kits are something of a rarity because of the waterline tradition of 1:700 scale but also because of the added detail of the kit and difficulty of production. YS Master Pieces provides the choice.

The One Piece Full Hull Casting
Averoff4731plan.JPG (43959 bytes) Averoff4734bowplan.JPG (59461 bytes) Averoff4736midplan.JPG (56000 bytes) Averoff4735qdplan.JPG (68550 bytes)
Averoff4742sasup.JPG (78489 bytes) Averoff4745paup.JPG (71704 bytes) Averoff4737pfsup.JPG (64754 bytes)
Averoff4730spro.JPG (35183 bytes) Averoff4799pbowpro.JPG (48840 bytes) Averoff4797pmidpro.JPG (57457 bytes) Averoff4796pspro.JPG (53776 bytes)
Averoff4795sfsuppro.JPG (63520 bytes) Averoff4743endon.JPG (65200 bytes) Averoff4746pmid.JPG (51812 bytes)

The 1:700 version of the Averoff is amazingly close to be a perfectly scaled down replica of the 1:350 version. If you have seen the 1:350 model, you will be undoubtedly struck by the precision of the replication. It is only when the 1:350 and 1:700 models are placed next to each other that some differences are noted. The 1:700 version has been slightly simplified in parts count and design to allow for easy assembly.

Comparison of the 1:700 & 1:350 Averoff kits
Averoff4778twoboxes.JPG (82971 bytes) Averoff4738twopro.JPG (58461 bytes)
Averoff4739tworams.JPG (77647 bytes) Averoff4740twoplans.JPG (53846 bytes) Averoff4741twomid.JPG (82582 bytes)

The fidelity of the 1:700 Averoff is not confined to only the hull casting. Many of the smaller parts appear to be exact half sized miniatures of the larger kit. What is remarkable is that no detail appears to be lost in the castings.

Smaller Resin Parts
Averoff4756main.JPG (79063 bytes) Averoff4757main.JPG (135069 bytes) Averoff4758masts.JPG (129860 bytes) Averoff4750stacks.JPG (152553 bytes)
Averoff4749boats.JPG (144775 bytes) Averoff4791lventQF.JPG (84834 bytes) Averoff4792svent.JPG (80346 bytes) Averoff4794briplat.JPG (199001 bytes)

The brass photo-etched parts consist of one fret. Because of size and complexity constraints, there are certain parts that appear in the 1:350 frets that are not included in the 1:700 version. One example is the ship's name brass plaques that are on either side of the bridge in the 1:350 kit are not present in brass in the 1:700 kit. Instead they are cast integral to the hull/superstructure. This is true with other details that were in brass in the 1:350 version, they are now part of the resin casting. However, take a close look at the extraordinarily high quality of the 1:700 fret. The three dimensional etching and consummate quality of the fret are evident in the photos.

Brass Photo-Etched Fret
Averoff4747box.JPG (68308 bytes) Averoff4751PE.JPG (210113 bytes) Averoff4753PEdet.JPG (161052 bytes) Averoff4790PEdet.JPG (188352 bytes)

It is strikingly clear that YS Master Pieces has the same commitment to excellence in their 1:700 kits as they do in their larger 1:350 scale sisters. Every component is of the highest quality, from resin, to brass, to instructions. The instructions come spiral bound just as those in the 1:350 kit. From the photographs, you can judge the high quality of the instructions for yourself. Each page is clear and well laid out. The instructions have many of the same drawings as those in the 1:350 kit but many differences as well.

Averoff4765InstCover.JPG (44249 bytes) Averoff4766Instp1.JPG (129935 bytes) Averoff4767Instp2.JPG (109482 bytes) Averoff4768Instp3.JPG (128182 bytes)
Averoff4769Instp4.JPG (113284 bytes) Averoff4770Instp5.JPG (128332 bytes) Averoff4771Instp6.JPG (96814 bytes) Averoff4772Instp7.JPG (120904 bytes) Averoff4773Instp8.JPG (117125 bytes)
Averoff4774Instp9.JPG (114868 bytes) Averoff4775Instp10.JPG (82889 bytes) Averoff4776InstP&P.JPG (94725 bytes) Averoff4777InstpaintP&P.JPG (85638 bytes)

This has been only a look at the components and my first impressions of this kit. A Build review will follow.