USS Oregon, BB-3
First Look at the newest YS Master Pieces Kit in 1:350 Scale

YS Master Pieces newest 1:350 resin kit is the USS Oregon. This one piece full hull model portrays the ship as she appeared during the Spanish-American War of 1898. The third of the three ship Indiana Class, Oregon and her sisters Indiana, BB-1 and Massachusetts, BB-2 were the first modern USN battleships designed to equal the fighting power of contemporary European designs. Their armament of four 13 inch and eight 8 inch guns were as powerful as any European design and her armor belt of 18 inch Harvey-nickel steel, running 2/3ds the length of the ship was also comparable to her European contemporaries. The weakness of the class was their low freeboard, small coal capacity which limited their endurance and only moderate speed. Even so, Oregon, the first battleship built on the Pacific coast at Union Iron Works in San Francisco, California, earned fame during the war for her 14,000 dash around Cape Horn to join the Atlantic Squadron blockading the Spanish squadron at Santiago, Cuba.  During the Battle of Santiago, she outraced the other battleships in chasing down Cervera's doomed squadron.

Hull Casting
Oregon2396proup.JPG (38973 bytes) Oregon2402case.JPG (40041 bytes) Oregon2398plan.JPG (49080 bytes)
Oregon2397bow.JPG (47088 bytes) Oregon2401ram.JPG (38709 bytes) Oregon2400mid.JPG (41738 bytes) Oregon2403stern.JPG (48688 bytes)

Superstructure, Armament and Fittings
Oregon2409flybri.JPG (85271 bytes) Oregon2412stacks.JPG (96940 bytes) Oregon2408main&sec.JPG (107878 bytes)
Oregon2411boats.JPG (134679 bytes) Oregon2413fittings.JPG (170060 bytes) Oregon2414Props.JPG (176214 bytes) Oregon2415deckguns.JPG (137152 bytes)

Box, Photo-Etch and Instructions
Oregon2365box.JPG (48983 bytes) Oregon2373PEgroup.JPG (61052 bytes) Oregon2372color.JPG (31449 bytes)
Oregon2369instcover.JPG (32420 bytes) Oregon2370inst1.JPG (67579 bytes) Oregon2371inst2.JPG (73902 bytes)