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I:200 Injection Molded kit

The Nichimo 1:200 scale Yamato is an injected molded full hull kit depicting the ship in its 1945 fit when it carried an incredible 152 25mm AA guns in fifty triple and two single mounts.  Needless to say this kit is for those who like their Yamatos BIG.  The Nichimo kit is 51" in length.

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Nichimo 1:200 Yamato at back, Tamiya 1:350 and 1:700 versions in foreground

Modeling a 72,000 ton battleship in 1:200 scale is not for the faint of heart.  And if you are going to embark on this Long March, make sure you take along the Gold Medal Models 1:200 etched brass fret.  There is a lot of space to fill in 1:200 scale and you'll need all the help you can get.  For some detailing ideas, take a look at Paul Eisenberg's remarkable scratch-built 1:200 IJN Battleship Nagato.  And you would be well advised to obtain a copy of Anatomy of the Ship: Battleship Yamato by Janusz Skulsi.  The above drawing of Yamato is a scan of that book's dust jacket.  This 192 page tome includes over 140 pages of Yamato drawings.

The Nichimo kit has a suggested list price of $400 in the USA but Hobbyweb sells it for $320.  With the Yen at a low point, it would be worth checking Rainbow Ten's prices for this behemoth. 

Click on the thumbnail images below to see what's in the box.  Greg Lee, the SMML Listmaster, purchased the Nichimo kit in a moment of weakness and was kind enough to photograph it for his fellow Yamatoholics.

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3 Yamatos
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Aft Hangar Deck
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Small Barbettes
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2 Piece Barrels
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Bridge Small
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Cranes and Secondaries
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Float Planes
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Hangar Deck
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Mid Section
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Small Turrets

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