Since I've been a figure modeler, this is my first attempt in building a ship model. It is the Zhong Shan, Gunboat (1910 - 1938) of the Chinese Nationalist Navy. This is a 1:180 scale plastic kit from ZhengDeFu. I've replaced the bridge with a scratch-built one. I also scratch-built the lookout position and all inclined ladders with plastic card and putty. Further scratch-building included all vertical ladders, railing and the stack grills with wire from guitar strings. I replaced all gun barrels with plastic rod, added anchor chain and added other small details. With this project I really enjoyed and gained lots of experience in ship modeling. The project took about 5 months to complete. Please feel free to give me some comment.

zhongshan02CA.jpg (49870 bytes) zhongshan04CA.jpg (58055 bytes)
zhongshan01CA.jpg (66247 bytes) zhongshan05CA.jpg (34472 bytes) zhongshan03CA.jpg (38970 bytes)

Happy modeling,
C.P.Tan, Malaysia