Blue Water navy
1:350 Scale

WWII US Navy   Decals
Reviewed by Ken Summa

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New from Blue Water Navy (MB Models) is a comprehensive decal sheet for 1/350 US Navy ships and aircraft of World War 2. The aircraft markings include two types of national insignias, aircraft numbers, and tail bands. There are enough sets to complete 24 aircraft to the pre/early war standard, which had a red disc on the national insignia and red and white tail bands. In addition, 24 sets of national insignias without the red disk are included for mid-war aircraft. Also on the decal sheet are enough ship markings to outfit two models. This portion contains hull-depth markings, more aircraft decals for spotter-planes, 3 types of hull-numbers (including pre-war numbers), and flags. A list of recommended references and application instructions completes the set. Retail price is $6.98 and a must for anyone building US Navy ship models.

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