Warship Pictorial #21
Kriegsmarine Prinz Eugen
By: Steve Wiper
Classic Warships Publishing
Reviewed by John Sheridan

Classic Warships has released a new book in its series of Naval Monographs of Warships. Book #21 covers the Kriegsmarine Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen . 

prinz_eugen1.JPG (297402 bytes)Prinz Eugen was the third ship of the Hipper Class of Heavy Cruisers. Prinz Eugen was most famous for sailing with the ill-fated Battleship Bismark in 1941 and surviving that sortie. She also participated in the Channel dash on February 1942 with other ships of the Kriegsmarine. Prinz Eugen was torpedoed, bombed, and damaged many times during her career but somehow managed to become one of the few ships of the German Kriegsmarine to survive WWII. After the war, she was turned over to the United States as a War Prize and used as a target ship at the Bikini Atoll Atomic tests in 1946.


prinz_eugen2.jpg (293238 bytes)This book on the Prinz Eugen follows the ship through her career from launching to her fate at Bikini Atoll. The beginning of the book has a History and Record of Movement. The rest of the book is covered with extensive photographs of the ship with many of these shots being presented for the first time. The level of detail in these photographs are a sight to behold. There are many shots of the ship underway as well as an extensive collection of close-up and detail photographs. Of special note is the section of photographs taken of Prinz Eugen by the US Navy at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in February 1946. These photographs alone are worth the price of the book! 

prinz_eugen3.jpg (347772 bytes)In the centerfold of the book is a two-page drawing of Prinz Eugen in her 1942 fit. There is both a side profile and top-down drawing of the ship. This drawing is in full color and gives you a good idea of how the ship was painted. The last page of the book has all the technical data on the ship.

Classic Warships Publishing has gone to great lengths to create a outstanding  book on this subject. Steve has conducted considerable research in order to find rare  photographs and data on this class of ship. In this book you will find a wealth of photographs and text.  Most of the photographs are of good reproduction and very well rendered. 

prinz_eugen4.jpg (359574 bytes)Steve Wiper's Classic Warships books are designed to tell the story of the subject with pictures instead of words. Steve Wiper has become the master of this craft with his series of naval warship books. He is providing a source of information that few of us have access to and giving it to us at a reasonable cost. I would highly recommend this book, or any of Classic Warships publications, to anyone who has a love of ships.


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