J&D Productions 1/192nd Ohio Class SSBN
Reviewed by John Sheridan

Ohio Class SSBN

 (From the FAS website www.fas.org)

SSBN-726 class FBM submarines can carry 24 ballistic missiles with MIRV warheads that can be accurately delivered to selected targets from almost anywhere in the world's oceans. Earlier FBM ships carry 16 missiles. A cylindrical pressure hull structure of HY-80 steel is supported by circular frames and enclosed by hemispherical heads at both ends. The pressure hull provides an enclosure large enough for weapons, crew, and equipment with enough strength to enable the ship to operate deep enough to avoid easy detection.

A streamlined (fish-shaped) outer hull permits the ship to move quietly through the water at high speeds. This outer hull surrounds the forward and aft end of the pressure hull and is not built to withstand deep submergence pressure. It is normally considered as the main ballast tanks. The superstructure is any part of the ship that is above the pressure hull. This would include the sail or fairwater area, and the area above the missile tubes. The streamlined hull was designed specifically for efficient cruising underwater; the Skipjack was the first nuclear-powered ship to adopt this hull form.

The larger hulls accommodate more weapons of larger size and greater range, as well as sophisticated computerized electronic equipment for improved weapon guidance and sonar performance. Improved silencing techniques reduce the chances of detection.

The Ohio-class submarines are specifically designed for extended deterrent patrols. To increase the time in port for crew turnover and replenishment, three large logistics hatches are fitted to provide large diameter resupply and repair openings. These hatches allow sailors to rapidly transfer supply pallets, equipment replacement modules and machinery components, significantly reducing the time required for replenishment and maintenance. The class design and modern main concepts allow the submarines to operate for 15+ years between overhauls. Each SSBN is at sea at least 66 percent of the time, including major overhaul periods of twelve months every nine years. One SSBN combat employment cycle includes a 70-day patrol and 25-day period of transfer of the submarine to the other crew, between-deployment maintenance, and reloading of munitions.

Like all submarines in use by the U.S. Navy today, the Ohio class submarine is powered by a pressurized water reactor (PWR) driving steam turbines to a single propeller shaft. It can attain depths in excess of 800 feet at speeds in excess of 25 knots.



General Dynamics Electric Boat Division.

Power Plant:

One S8G nuclear reactor
core reloaded every nine years
two geared steam turbines,
one shaft, output of 60,000 hp


560 feet (170.69 meters)


42 feet (10.06 meters)


Surfaced: 16,764 tons
Submerged:18,750 tons


Official: 20+ knots (23+ miles per hour, 36.8 +kph)
Actual: 25 knots submerged speed

Operating Depth:

Official: "greater than 800 feet"
Actual: greater than 1,000 feet


24 - tubes for Trident I and II,
4 - torpedo tubes with Mk48 Torpedoes


BQQ-6 Bow mounted sonar
BQR-19 Navigation
BQS-13 Active sonar
TB-16 towed array


15 Officers, 140 Enlisted

Unit Operating Cost
Annual Average

$50,00,000 [source: [FY1996 VAMOSC]

Date Deployed:

November 11, 1981 (USS Ohio)









10 Apr 76

7 Apr 79

11 Nov 81



4 Apr 77

26 Apr 80

11 Sep 82



9 Jun 77

14 Nov 81

18 Jun 83



7 Apr 79

6 Nov 82

11 Feb 84


Henry M. Jackson
(ex-USS Rhode Island)

19 Jan 81

15 Oct 83

6 Oct 84



27 Aug 81

19 May 84

25 May 85



9 Mar 83

12 Jan 85

25 Jan 86



8 Aug 83

14 Sep 85

16 Aug 86



9 Jun 84

13 Dec 86

17 Dec 88



10 Jan 84

23 Apr 88

9 Sep 89


West Virginia

24 Oct 87

14 Oct 89

20 Oct 90



18 Dec 87

11 Aug 90

13 Jul 91



18 Dec 89

15 Jun 91

13 Jun 92



26 May 87

15 Aug 92

10 Jul 93


Rhode Island

1 Dec 90

17 Jul 93

9 Jul 94



4 Apr 89

16 Jul 94

29 Jul 95



27 Jan 90

15 Jul 95

13 Jul 96



19 Dec 90

27 Jul 96

06 Sep 97

The Kit

ssbn_model1.jpg (267118 bytes)J&D Productions now offers a Ohio Class SSBN in 1/192nd scale.  This model is a huge kit measuring out at 35 inches when complete.  Even though the model is hollow is also a heavy kit. The kit is made of Resin and White Metal parts. The kit comes in a large box and all the parts are well packed in bubblewrap and NOT Foam Peanuts.

All of the parts in the kit are well cast and require a very small amount of cleanup. The main hull has casting lines running on both sides of the hull. This will require some sanding and filling to make the lines disappear. This casting line is not unusual considering the size of the model and the fact that the main hull was cast in one piece. None of my parts in this kit were warped, miscast, or broken.  


ssbn_model2.jpg (302014 bytes)The hull is cast in two pieces with the main hull cast as a single piece hollow tube. The main hull is cast hollow to save on resin and keep the weight of the model down to a reasonable amount.  Alignment holes are provided for each part to be added to the hull. The detail work on the hull is very well done and includes details like Crew Hatches, Covers, Torpedo and Missile tubes, and even the Sea Chests which is rare and normally not found in most Submarine kits.

The Sonar dome is cast as the second piece of the main hull and fits exactly where the Sonar Dome is supposed to fit on the real Submarine. An alignment pin is cast on the hull and dome to ensure the dome contour is aligned with the main hull contour. The Sail, Rudders, Sail Planes, and Stabilizer Planes are cast as separate resin parts. All of these parts have an alignment pin cast with each part and a corresponding alignment hole on the hull for each part.  This is a really nice touch since it takes the guesswork out exactly where the part should fit on the model.

The Periscopes, Masts, Prop, and Vertical Planes are all cast in White Metal and are very well detailed. Location marks and alignment pins are provided on the hull and sail for all of the parts.

The kit includes a list of comprehensive instructions and a technical pamphlet for the class of Submarine purchased. Also included is a questioner for J&D Productions and a pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelope to mail the questioner.

A decal sheet is provided with this kit. The sheet includes draft marks, rescue targets, and markings for 4 different boats: USS Maryland (SSBN-738), USS Alaska (SSBN 732), USS Michigan (SSBN-727) and USS Ohio (SSBN-726).


The instruction sheet is 3 pages long and is broken down to 1 page each for assembly, painting, and inventory. 

The Inventory Page gives you an exploded photograph of the kit and a list of all parts broken down in sections.

The assembly instructions are broken down into 4 visual steps and 11 written steps. The visual instructions point out the name of the part and lines pointing where they go. A really nice touch in the instructions is a top and side drawing showing the location of the Periscopes, Masts, and Antennas. This completely takes the mystery out of trying to find out which mast goes in which location.

The painting instructions provide you with top-down and side view drawings. The drawings give you the option of as-launched or operational paint schemes. Written instructions are also provided to help you with painting of various parts and locations on the submarine.

Included in the painting instructions is a separate drawing showing locations for the placement of the decals.  The placement location for each decal is lettered with a small drawing of the actual decal that is to be placed in each location.


For those of you who like really big models (like me!) will enjoy this kit. It is easy to build yet highly detailed and makes for a beautiful model when finished. At 35 inches in length, you are going to need big shelves or a nice mantle place to display this kit on.

Currently, J&D Productions is producing  1/192nd scale kits of Seawolf Class SSN and Virginia Class SSN. Upcoming releases will include all three versions of LA Class SSN, Thresher Class SSN, and Sturgeon Class SSN. We will review each of these kits when they become available.

Pictures of J&D Productions Ohio Class SSBN Kit
ohio_forward.jpg (178993 bytes)
Fore Section
ohio_mid.jpg (110314 bytes)
Mid Section
ohio_aft.jpg (267576 bytes)
Aft Section
ohio_profile_detail.jpg (141824 bytes)
ohio_fore_ballast.jpg (40177 bytes)
Forward Ballast Vents
ohio_aft_ballast.jpg (44960 bytes)
Aft Ballast Vents
ohio_nose.jpg (25958 bytes)
Sonar Dome
ohio_whitemetal.jpg (131281 bytes)
White Metal Detail Parts
ohio_sail_top.jpg (14095 bytes)
Sail Top
ohio_sail_side.jpg (20194 bytes)
Sail Profile
ohio_decal1.jpg (82454 bytes)
Decal Sheet #1

Decal Sheet #2

  Home copper.jpg (2701 bytes)