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 soon-to-be-released kit.  These "test shots"
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Battleships & Battlecruisers

Novgorod, Imprial Russian Armored Steam Battery 1874, Commanders/Iron Shipwright Do you like well-rounded warship designs? If so, here is your cup of tea. Russia needed armored warships to operate in the Black Sea that would maximize firepower and armor on the lightest possible displacement and shallowest draft. Vice Admiral A. A. Popov thought he had a better idea and came up with a round ship. Commanders/Iron Shipwright has produced a 1:192 scale multimedia model of the Novgorod, the first armored warship to operate in the Black Sea for Russia. Review by Steve Backer.
Kniaz Suvorov, Imperial Russian Battleship 1905, Eastern Express 1:350 Scale - Do you like your battleships with slab sides or with graceful curves? If you like curves, it is hard to beat the extreme tumblehome of the Borodino Class battleships of Imperial Russia. The Kniaz Suvorov was a member of this class and became the flagship of Vice Admiral Rozhestvensky and the 2nd Pacific Squadron. From this ship Rohestvensky commanded his fleet from the Baltic through an 18,000-mile epic voyage only to end in disaster at Tsushima slightly over 100 years ago. Eastern Express of Russia has produced a 1:350 scale model of this imposing battleship. Review by Steve Backer.
HMS Agincourt, The Gin Palace 1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale - In the space of less than eight months the largest battleship in the world was owned by three different countries. Ordered by Brazil to overawe the Argentines and Chile as Rio de Janeiro, she was then sold to Turkey, as Sultan Osman I, who desired to fight the Greeks and on the eve of her departure for Turkey was ordered seized by Winston Churchill for the Royal Navy and named HMS Agincourt. No battleship ever carried so many main gun turrets, so many main guns or so great a secondary. She was the longest and heaviest battleship of her time. Combrig now produces a 1:700 scale model of the Gin Palace as she appeared in 1918. Review by Steve Backer.
USS North Carolina BB-55, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale - For some time modelers have been asking, "Has any one seen the Trumpeter North Carolina? What is it like?" You need no longer be in the dark because Guido Hopp has filed a full reconnaissance report in photographs and text on the USS North Carolina in 1:350 Scale from Trumpeter. Thanks to Guido, you can see that there is smooth sailing ahead.

redball.gif (371 bytes) USS Belleau Wood CVL-24 - NAVYPLAN, a new company from France, has produced a four sheet set of plans in 1:100 Scale for this Independence Class Light Carrier. Each sheet is eight feet long and following the plans would produce a model over six feet long (1.91m).
redball.gif (371 bytes) New accessories from L'Arsenal are seen in the July 2002 Update. Now available are the long awaited Bofors Quad 40mm 1:350 (six per pack), Breguet Alize, modern French ASW aircraft 1:400 (five per pack), and F4U Corsair Four Bladed Propeller 1:400 (five per pack).
redball.gif (371 bytes) Bradford Chaucer reviews the Gold Medal Models 1:700 photo-etched fret for the Modern USS New Jersey.
redball.gif (371 bytes) Brass for the Trumpeter 1:200 Russian Destroyer Sovremenny, White Ensign Models has produced a large and expensive two fret brass photo-etched set for this large model. Is it worth the expense? That, as with beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Photo-Etched Brass Fret Set for the S-100, White Ensign Models has produced a two fret set, specifically designed for the Schnellboote S-100 from Revell in 1:72 scale. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Atlantic Models, 1:600 Warship Parts, Peter Hall's Atlantic Models has started producing a range of detailed parts, designed to spruce up those classic Airfix kits. Review by Felix Bustelo.
redball.gif (371 bytes) Tom's Photo-Etch Set for the Boats of the 1:350 Banner Arizona by Bradford Chaucer 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Regia Marina 1:700 Photo-etch for Vittorio Veneto and Italian Navy Warships by Steven Backer
redball.gif (371 bytes) WEM Photoetched Brass for the Airfix 1:600 Moskva Kit by Mike Leonard
redball.gif (371 bytes) Brass Fit for a King: A Look at Photoeteched Brass for the ICM Konig by Steve Backer
redball.gif (371 bytes) Duane Fowlers Naval Ensign and Jacks Decal Sheets by Rusty White
redball.gif (371 bytes) Tom's Modelworks 1:232 USS Olympia set for use with Revell kit 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Tom's Modelworks 1:250 Destroyer Escort set for Revell Buckley DE/ HMS Bligh  
redball.gif (371 bytes) Snyder and Short USN Paint Chips by Kenneth H. Goldman 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Tom's Modelworks 1/720th Graf Zepelin brass set
redball.gif (371 bytes) Tom's Modelworks 1/700th IJN Tenders and Repair Ships brass set
redball.gif (371 bytes) Gold Medal Models 1:720 Set for US Supercarriers  by Les Dorr
redball.gif (371 bytes) Tom's Modelworks 1/225th USS Oregon brass set for Glencoe kit
redball.gif (371 bytes) Blue Water Navy 1/350 WWII US Navy ships and aircraft decal sheet
redball.gif (371 bytes) Blue Water Navy 1/350 IJN ships decal sheet
redball.gif (371 bytes) Tom's Modelworks 1/700th Liberty Ship brass set
redball.gif (371 bytes) White Ensign Models 1/700th IJN AA Weapons 
redball.gif (371 bytes)
Iron Shipwright 1:350 Etched Brass Detailing Set for Minicraft Titanic  (Preview) 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Gold Medal Models 1:540 Set for Revell USN Carriers  by Les Dorr  
redball.gif (371 bytes) Tom's Modelworks 1/700 Set #726 WWII IJN Heavy Cruiser

American Civil War Era Ships
redball.gif (371 bytes) CSS Palmetto State, The Ladies' Gunboat, Cottage Industry Models 1:96 Scale - Charleston, South Carolina is known for its grace, charm and of course Southern hospitality but early in 1863 the Yankee blockading squadron had overstayed its welcome. The southern ram ironclads CSS Palmetto State and Chicora went out to greet the blockaders. Early in the morning of January 30, 1863 both ironclads made for the harbor entrance as they steamed past Fort Sumter. On that night the moon was only three days short of full, so there was plenty of light, even though it was in the middle of the night. Outside of the harbor the Union blockading squadron had no idea as to what was about to descend upon them. Cottage Industry Models produces an 1:96 scale model of one of the most successful ironclads of the Confederacy, CSS Palmetto State. Review by Steve Backer. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) CSS Arkansas, Red Ironclad of the Mississippi, Old Steam Navy 1:96 Scale - The operational life of the Confederate Steam Ram CSS Arkansas spanned the period of July 12 to August 6, 1862 but it was 25 days of glory. The Arkansas defied two Union squadrons and successfully fought three battles  in one day. Through the skill and courage of her crew the Confederacy won a strategic victory, which was promptly thrown away by General Earl Van Dorn, CSA. Old Steam Navy has produced a 1:96 scale model of the fighting ironclad. Review by Steve Backer. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) USS Monitor, Verlinden 1:200 Scale - Verlinden, a company best known for producing high quality diorama accessories in resin, has produced a resin kit of the USS Monitor. the Union's Cheesebox on a Raft. The model is in 1:200 scale and has resin parts with no photo-etch. Ed Grune provides a review of his build of the kit. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) USS Monitor - Two new kits of the USS Monitor are just making an appearance. One of them is the first new injection plastic kit of this important warship since the 1950s. Bob Santos has built the 1:144 scale kit of USS Monitor from Battle Axe and reviews the product. 
redball.gif (371 bytes) CSS Hunley - A Build Review by Brad Crisler of the Cottage Industries 1:72nd scale kit of the first successful submarine.
redball.gif (371 bytes) Revell 1:96 CSS Alabama/USS Kearsarge Comparative Review by Joel Labow 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Cottage Industry Models 1/96 USS Keokuk by Alberto Rada
redball.gif (371 bytes) Thoroughbred 1/600th CSS Tennessee by Rob Mackie 

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