USS Antietam
(CG 54)
Ticonderoga Class Missile Cruiser

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Photographed by Rob Mackie
San Francisco, California
12 October 1997

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View from bridge

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Fwd 5" gun

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Forward phased array

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5" mount detail

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ant13.jpg (47620 bytes)
Vulcan phalanx CIWS

ant12.jpg (56731 bytes)
Chaff launcher

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Flight Deck & Hangar

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ant21.jpg (74633 bytes)
Aft looking forward

ant16.jpg (92835 bytes)
Aft VLS cells

ant29.jpg (38859 bytes)
Aft 5" mount

ant40.jpg (56721 bytes)
Port side aft detail

ant46.jpg (37536 bytes)
Seahawk forward

ant42.jpg (43452 bytes)
Upper deck detail
ant41.jpg (47360 bytes)
Starboard CIWS
ant44.jpg (54611 bytes)
Port side detail
ant45.jpg (47541 bytes)
Mainmast closeup
ant43.jpg (57099 bytes)
Launch closeup
ant47.jpg (35236 bytes)
Forward VLS cells
ant48.jpg (36389 bytes)
Aft phased array

There are excellent injection molded kits of Ticonderoga class cruisers in both 1/700 and 1/350 scale.  Shanghai Dragon now issues the excellent ex-Skywave 1/700  kit for only $12.98. Dragon also has a nice Ticonderoga class offering in 1/350 scale.