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The Tom's Modelworks 1/700 set #726 "WWII IJN Heavy Cruiser" sells for $16.  A 1/500 version suitable for the Nichimo 1/500 IJN Heavy Cruiser kits (Myoko and Takao class) is also available. The parts on the 1/700 version are intended for use on the following IJN heavy cruiser kits:

Hasegawa: Furataka, Kako, Aoba, Kinugasa, Myoko, Nachi, Haguro, Ashigara
Aoshima:   Takao, Chokai, Atago, Maya, Tone, Chikuma
Fujimi:       Tone, Chikuma
Tamiya:     Mogami, Suzuya, Kumano

According to the instructions Set #726 includes sufficient rail and accessory parts for two heavy cruisers, though not of the same class.  The instructions also include the  numbers of the injection kit parts replaced by these etched brass versions.    Etched parts include the following:

- Aircraft catapult supports for Pete, Dave, Jake and Alf
- Aircraft catapults (Kure Model #2 Type 5)
- Air search radars Type 21 Model 6 and Type 21 Model 7
- Five types of aircraft handling crane
- Forward and aft turret antenna supports
- RDF antenna and tripod supports
- Search light platform supports  for Mogami, Furataka, Tone, Nachi, Haguro
- Bridge support for Tone class
- Anchors and anchor chain
- Mid deck supports for Furataka class
- Aft aircraft deck bracing for Mogami class