Warship Perspectives

Flush Deck Destroyers
In World War II
By: Glenn Arnold
Reviewed by John Sheridan

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Warship Perspective has released new book in their Warship perspectives series.  This book is covers U.S. Navy Flush Deck Destroyers during World War II. These Destroyers were built during World War I and 

Warship perspectives has picked a interesting subject to focus on with this book. The "USN "4 pipers" were mass produced between 1917 and 1920 with a total of 273 built. Most were built too late to be of service during WWI and spent most of their lives in mothballs waiting to be either scrapped or re-activated for service during the 1930s and WWII. They were used in a variety of roles including Destroyer, Mine Sweeper, High Speed Transports, and even Water Tenders. 

The Book

The book is presented in the same XxX format as all their other books. There are 80 pages packed with photographs, drawings, with text describing each type of conversion this class experienced. The center section of the book is devoted to camouflage of these ships and includes drawings and photographs of various measures of camouflage these ships carried. Of special note are the green camouflage patterns of the APD conversions. There is even a separate section for the 50 ships sent to the British under lend-lease including a large foldout drawing of HMS Montgomery attached to the back cover of the book.

The photographic quality of this books is better than some of the previous books and includes some excellent detail shots of these ships early in the war. The drawings are top-notch and clear. I only wish that the camouflage patterns were in color, but I do understand that, in order to keep the book costs down, were rendered in Black and White instead. 

If you are modeling any of the 4 piper destroyers, this book will be an excellent source of  reference material. Keep up the excellent work WR Press!

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